Thursday, September 25, 2014

Teacher's Day 2014

Yes, it could be viewed as misfit, a gross misfit - to write a post on 25th Sept. early morning with such a title when A. R. Rahaman's composition of "Ayi Giri-Nandini Nandita-Medini Vishva-Vinodini Nandi-Nute" (Link) is played out from the sound box. No, I was not waiting for MoM to get into Mars orbit (Link) either. I simply was trying to find my little space in this vast universe!

Last Wednesday morning I woke up in time to go to field for this activity (Link). But got occupied in answering a mail that was an overnight draw. This field activity is from 5:30 AM to 6:30 AM. The replying took me past 6:00 AM. And I gave the activity a go. When the family woke up to find me on bed there was a great pandemonium. Her Highness was extremely worried, "Are you having health problem? Why didn't you go to field?" I did not tell her that I have handed over the charge this semester-beginning but kept going so that new Coordinator has an experienced person beside him till he gets settled. I tried my best to explain that health was doing fine and simply did not feel like going. Came the prompt answer, "I have seen you for long. You are not the type to stay away from duty like that. You must be concealing your health problem. Please tell us." I had no option to disclose that I was no more officially attached to this program, and thought that she would feel relieved that I could reduce one of my responsibility. But worry seemed to get larger. With unpleasantness painted all over the face she asked, "You must have taken a bigger responsibility to leave this one. Please note that it is the family who have to look after of you if you fall ill ........fg%^&vbjB..."

But we have our day - Teacher's Day, marked for us! In local South Side School, a get-together of retired teachers of nearby Govt. Schools is arranged on this day. While passing by that school, heard one teacher who retired this year crying as he won't be any more part of that atmosphere and others were trying to console him. Together with some IIT Kharagpur students attended the day's function in a village high school which was known for participation in freedom movement and the self-sufficiency targeted after the independence. Our research lab. students made us feel special like every year! A Bengali play of Rabindranath Tagore was staged by UG students at Kalidas Auditorium. And there was 2nd half lab. as usual for a Friday! Attended inaugural function of cell-filled concrete based road-making technology transfer cum training program for engineers of Uttar Pradesh arranged by Civil Engineering Dept. after the afternoon UG lab.

That was Teacher's Day 2014 - a day in a life of a person like me, living it to its full!  Certain visuals of the day follow.

Reaching out:

Inauguration of Technology Transfer cum Training Program:

The Function at Lab.:

The Function at Kalidas Auditorium: