Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Quarter Experience

Yesterday, I had the most satisfying experience of the 2 week long (16 classes) summer quarter classes I am currently engaged in. In the very first class the 25 students who got 'F' in Basic Electronics voiced that the poor result was because they did not attend the classes regularly. Why did they do that? They said (i) the class size was huge 250+ and it was easy to go undetected, (ii) due to that size there was not much interaction and they did not enjoy the class (iii) they wanted to relax after grueling IIT-JEE preparation and (iv) they thought they could make up before the exam. I ensured that they attend all the classes of summer quarter so much so that I made cell phone call to two students who bunked the second class directly from the class room and it worked. Also ensured that the class remains interactive, students come to board and solve problem or debate over a solution.

There was Nir.., a very shaky, not-so-confident student among them. He said that he developed some psy... problem too which made him fail. I was worried if I would be able to reach him. But he tried his best. And yesterday I was surprised when he answered in affirmative to a relatively difficult problem I placed before the class. Not only that, he walked quietly up to the board and solved it very neatly there. It was a great moment! I was so happy! I am proud of you, my boy.

I'll end this post by mentioning another experience from this summer quarter class. A good number of students of this batch have the potential to become topper in their class but how much they negelected themselves to get an 'F' grade! For example, Sand..., Gau...D..., Piyu..., Roh..., Mon... had been quite impressive. It is equally true that in spite of my best effort some students are not matching it up by studying the subject for 1-2 hour at hostel. Summer quarter is a fast paced program and I am afraid that they may not perform well. Let's see ...

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vikram singh said...

I cant stop myself reading all of the articles on this blog.

I used to attend the classes religiously, take down the notes and even watch all the available video lectures for the course, but I never managed to get all those "Ex" and "A" grades, specially in EC subjects. Probably this was because I never went up to board to solve a problem, and I could not solve the problems directly in exams without practice at room.

Now, after passing out of ECE dept, I feel that assignments were really important....and I should not have give them a miss.