Saturday, March 26, 2011

Indian Innovations

Today the special edition of Economic Times ran a cover story on Indian Innovations. The web edition can be found here (Link). The author Kamya Jaiswal writes in the introduction "There is no rumbling of change. The transition has not shown up in any statistic. But it has happened. India is innovating. It is genuine, it is grass roots, it has commercial value-and it is distinct from the jugaad we are best known for." Later the difference between 'jugaad' and 'innovation' has been graphically illustrated.

Economic Times has taken up 6 works in detail and another 3 to illustrate their points on innovation culture in India. Our work on heart sound analyzer and lung sound analyzer (patent filing process at IIT Kharagpur is just completed) gets a major referrence (page 15). I have attached a few screen shots here. Click on them to enlarge. ET has come up with another article titled, "Nine innovations that are likely to change our lives". This is available here (Link1, direct Link2 and Link3)

Yesterday, while delivering the 43rd convocation address of Utkal University, Sam Pitroda, Chairman, National Innovation Council said, ''Only innovation and technology can save higher education in India." Later he said. "We don't need lots of teachers. The teachers don't need to create or impart content to students anymore. The role of teachers has changed to that of mentors." 

As mentioned in earlier posts (Link1, segment 9 of  Link2 ), the students here are being motivated to come up with prototypes through system level developments. For younger ones, where lot of theoretical understanding is still to be captured, a reduced feature versions are encouraged. For seniors, we would like to encourage team work. Some work on the data acquisition subsystem, some work on decision making subsystem, some work on the display and platform which will house the technology etc.

I thankfully acknowledge the contribution of my research team which include present and past students as well as technical staffs, in whatever little we could achieve. I am just the face. It is these individuals who deserve all the kudos. Proud to be a part of this great team and this great institute. Thankful to colleagues, family members, collaborators, well-wishers for their constant encouragement. Seek good wishes from everyone so that we can live up to the expectation.

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