Sunday, April 8, 2012

Instant Gratification

Have been quite busy this year to be regular with my posts. The following I read today morning in The Hindu (Link) on sad demise of an IIT-M student. Dr. Vijayakumar has raised a very pertinent point in the last paragraph of the report which is reproduced below. If possible, I shall try to share my observation on this later. All stake holders - students, parents, teachers must act together in imparting basic values of life from an early age. The 'career only' approach to our education process leaves yawning gap in the life and character of youngsters. Each of us is responsible in someway and must think beyond that it had happened to somebody else's son / daughter. We need to act early and now.
---- QUOTE----
The reason driving students to committing suicide may not always be related to academics. “Most students in IITs have slogged really hard to get there . When they come here, they feel there are many others better than them, which would not have been the case back home. Coping with those realities becomes difficult,” Dr. Vijayakumar said. Also, the issue of handling relationships is important. “Youngsters today are so used to getting everything instantly, right from their pizza to money, that they want the same in relationships too. Educational institutes should help them cope with the failures of everyday life.” she said.
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