Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I am, because you are

The day to say thanks ... and express gratitude to all ... young and old ... who contributed ... and who keep contributing in the making of me ... I am, because you are.

My daughter lost the race to her mother not being able to wish at 00.00 hrs. (went to sleep) ... my mother giving the grand daughter an idea of putting a card below the pillow ... phone, SMS, email, facebook ... favourite dishes at home ... small function by lab. students (where my daughter could not stop herself and went ahead with cake-cutting before me) ... reminiscences of the past, mostly that of my father ... 

... among all these completed 28 of the 30 pages of annual report preparation of National Service Scheme (NSS), IIT Kharagpur ... this started yesterday evening ... one more hour's job is left ... I assured regional head of NSS when he rang yesterday evening that by today it would be emailed to Program Advisor Cell, New Delhi ... and I'll do it before the clock strikes 00.00 hrs again :-)

[P.S. It is done and emailed ... annual report and a success story .... implementation of VIVEKDISHA overcoming all the hurdles that came in the way ... holds lot of promise in education front and beyond that ...]

Few days back I was watching a Tarun Majumdar movie. He is a master in making us see the virtues, the tranquility that lie in the life of a simpleton. In this movie, a city boy gets job in village school and and discovers that he (and for that matter each of us) can live happily with a little if he has loving folks around. This is what the song tells us.

Bengali edition of 'Big Boss' has started. One participant, a relatively known actress, on being nominated in 2nd week itself felt shocked, pained. Once it got absorbed (it's all part of the game), she made an interesting comment. The very thought of eviction where she returns to her lonely house, none to talk to, starts haunting and saddens her. The social space, the share and care that we enjoy from people near and far, is priceless. We shall remain ever indebted to the society that houses us, and gives an opportunity to blossom.

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