Thursday, July 11, 2013


On 11th July, this article came in front page of Kolkata edition of Hindustan Times (HT) as boxed item. The correspondent (who had been very meticulous in getting every details) and me, were conscious and cautious about this possible error. But finally, it could not be prevented. There may be an auto-correct mechanism at final desk where PCG (phonocardiogram) was corrected with more popular medical use ECG. Both of us felt bad on this mix-up and HT is expected to provide a corrigendum. The title chosen by the publisher may be what makes an article connect to reader. It may invite cell phone companies to take interest and the technology penetration can improve, specially for people in remote places and having limited mobility due to old age or otherwise. So far, we have got good result with this on valvular disorders using clinical data in our IIT Kharagpur lab.

I must admit that it is always a pleasure to interact with our friends in media who helps us to connect with larger population with technology developments happening here. This inspires us to deliver more and reinforces our commitment. Besides HT, had interaction earlier with Economic Times, Statesman, Telegraph (Anandabazar group), Headlines Today and other correspondents on technology development, with Times of India correspondent during then President His Excellency Dr.  A P J Abdul Kalam's visit to IIT Kharagpur, with Anandabazar correspondent on NSS team visiting a local tribal village to address an important issue and others on NSS activities. Sincere thanks to all. [I am sorry that I could not respond to Electronics for You on their DSP (Digital Signal Processing) prospect related queries within due date. Was out of country on serious occupation, was on family vacation on not-so-serious or even-more-serious occupation :-) etc. which I informed the correspondent.]


Ritesh Majumder said...

Was very glad to read the paper today. While reading it, I was like, hey I know this man!

Ritesh Majumder said...

Was very glad while reading the paper today. I was like, hey I know this man!