Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Rakshabandhan

This time it was spread over two days. My sister telephoned yesterday and wished in that distant mode. One old acquaintance, now a monk at Ramakrishna Mission centre reminded in chat how we used to celebrate in our younger days!

Yesterday evening, one student came to my office and invited me to today's evening function at Brahmakumaris' local centre. I said that I would be able to go this time and regretted that in an earlier function (Shivaratri) I was occupied. The student reminded that it is Rakshabandhan day and said, "If you do not go, Didi (elder sister) will come here." I knew that the threat was real :-) and it would have been unthinkable for me to make the revered Didi come all the way.

It was a 6 PM function. I had my grounds fully covered by that time here! The drizzle also stopped as I set off. On reaching, I found that a meditation session was going on with Didi  at centre and also other sisters were there. There were few IIT Kharagpur students there. After some devotional songs, Didi explained nicely the significance of this function - the Rakhi, the central flower of self, attached on two sides by two strings of affection and purity. Didi quoted Vivekananda's Chicago address and how his address that started with "Sisters and brothers" touched every heart. It is the life behind that gives power to words. She talked about importance of character buildling. Yesterday, the sisters went to district jail and tied Rakhi to inhabitants there. After the talk, she and another sister tied Rakhi to me. While doing that she also blessed me. I also received a book and sweets.

It was great to see executives of local Satya Sai Trust and Patanjali Trust also there and Rakhi were tied to them and also to all those who gathered. Promised to visit again before leaving.

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