Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pay Back

Can you we all put a little bit of our resources for paying back? It could be our extra time, money, energy depending on where we stand now. A little effort from all of us can do wonder if there is unity of thought and execution. Let news item like this get highlighted and inspire all of us to come forward for our country.

NRI donates Rs 30L to Nadia schools

Ashis Poddar | TNN, Feb 01, 2010

Shantipur: He has spent around 50 years working in Germany and France, but memories of his old village, schools and friends have kept drawing him back to Sutragarh in Shantipur. Now, Rabindranath Banga has donated Rs 30 lakh for the development of two schools in his native village in Nadia.
A three-storey building that has been constructed from his funds and will be used as a high school, was inaugurated on Friday. Another building, which was donated to the local primary school where Banga studied, was constructed in 2005.
Banga passed his matriculation examinations from Sutragarh MN High School in 1949 and passed BSc in 1953. He joined his school as a teacher and served for a year before clearing the SSC exams and joining the State Education Department, where he served for around five years.

In 1959, Banga left for Germany. “I went to Wetzlar and started working at a steel-smelting factory. When I saved some money, I applied to Berlin University and studied metallurgy there with a stipend. I got the diploma in 1969,” he said.
Banga earned his PhD from the same university in 1974 following which he joined Siemens as a quality control officer in one of its atomic reactor projects in Frankfurt. He enjoys a dual citizenship of both France and Germany and has stayed mostly in France.

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