Friday, February 19, 2010


This establishes mind over matter although in a different way. Placebo effect is a much debated, often-ridiculed method which some found as a substitute for ignorance. This study shows there is a great potential of research in this direction. AP report published in TOI, Feb 20, 2010 edition.
Not only mind,placebos may affect body as well: Study

London: When it comes to the placebo effect,it really may be mind over matter,a new analysis suggests.
In a review of recent research,international experts say there is increasing evidence that fake treatments,or placebos,have an actual biological effect in the body.
The doctor-patient relationship,plus the expectation of recovery,may sometimes be enough to change a patients brain,body and behaviour,experts write.The review of previous research on placebos was published online Friday in Lancet,the British medical journal.
Its not that placebos or inert substances help, said Linda Blair,a Bath-based psychologist and spokeswoman for the British Psychological Society.Blair was not linked to the research.Its that peoples belief in inert substances help.
While doctors have long recognised that placebos can help patients feel better,they werent sure if the treatments sparked any physical changes.
In the Lancet review,researchers cite studies where patients with Parkinsons disease were given dummy pills.That led their brains to release dopamine,a feelgood chemical,and also resulted in other changes in brain activity.With growing proof that placebos work,some doctors are trying to figure out how to capitalise on their effects,without being unethical.AP

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