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I used whatever free time I got to look for the reaction towards these back-to-back tragedies. In one, I wrote to Major S---- of Indian Army who has a root in IITkgp. In other case, I wrote to a very senior respected professor who was teacher of my teachers. The rest I read in newspaper or from web presence - blog, google buzz and so on. I'll share few of them which would definitely instil hope and confidence in us and show a direction.

I'll start with the reaction of Ankik's mother, Alpana Dhar that appeared in The Tlegraph and ToI.
She could feel the grief of the families of EFR policemen killed in the Maoist attack, for she herself has lost two children in a terror attack.

At times, Alpana Dhar’s eyes turn moist. At times, a daze of disbelief takes hold as she gazes at newspapers carrying reports on the terror attack in Pune and the massacre by the Maoists in West Midnapore.

“I wish terrorism ended soon. It has become part of our daily life, snatching away bright young lives,” sobbed the mother of Ankik, 23, and Anindyee, 19, who died in Saturday’s blast at German Bakery in Pune.

“Many innocent lives have been lost in such violence in the past and perhaps many more will be lost in the future. I would have felt worse had they contracted some lethal ailment and suffered for days,” said Alpana.

“I had groomed them in a manner that they would become good human beings. After their death, I visited Anindyee’s college and Ankik’s office and everywhere I found people loved them,” Alpana recalled.

“We mourn our children, but we mourn their unfinished dreams even more. While Ankik was a number wizard and a bright IIT-ian who made it to a coveted position in an investment bank, Anindyee was extremely creative and went on to study photography. They both had plans to create a better society for the new era that is gradually awakening,” Alpana said.
After graduating from IITKharagpur, Ankik had once expressed his desire to take the GRE and go abroad. But Alpana wasn’t too keen on this as she had always tried to instil in her children the urge to stay back and serve the country. Ankik realised this and dropped his plan to leave the country.

She is just not Ankik's mother, she is Mother India. Salute to thee. Let us be worthy son of her.
Teacher of teachers speaks :

"Pune blast and maoist violence belong to different categories. Maoist violence is due to negligence and exploitation of the tribal poor for centuries;this exploitation has been mounting over the last few decades in the name of development.Tribals have lost their means of livelihood and very little effort has been made to improve their lot.Miltary offensive against them is of no use.We need people who would go and work with them ,be one of them,and find out what is best for the tribal people and act accordingly with support from all good Indians.I am reminded of the book "three cups of tea" by Mortenson on his experience with tribals in Afganistan;when you drink a cup of tea ,you are merely known ,when you drink two cups with them,you are getting closer and when you drink three cups of tea you become one of them and they listen.Spreading education of the kind particularly useful for tribals is an important step. A decent standard of life must be ensured.. Mahasweta Devi has made significant contribution in making us aware of jangal mahal people. There must be a massive Indian effort to wean the poor away from the path of violence. State and central military counter-violence is NOT the answer..
The Pune blast has possibly link with Pak engineered terrorism..." Prof. continues saying how a community by certain design were deprived of education and how Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose instilled a pride of Indianness across communities in his INA. A big and patient effort is needeed. For cross-border terrorism no chicken-hearted response will do.
Major S----'s view

Dear Sir,

1. It is indeed tragic whenever innocent lives are lost and
especially when taken by our disillusioned brothers we refer to as

2. Its important to understand the reasons which drive a particular
human being towards such cowardly activities. And reasons are not
complex but fairly simple ones.

3. In villages reason is simple lack of good education, economic
disparities, poverty, loans, dowry for daughter marriage (more is the
groom qualified more is the demand). It is very simple to brain wash
village people as they are simple and already feel isolated from main
stream. I had the opportunity of being posted to Arunachal Pradesh a
land of infinite scenic beauty, but it hurts to tell that even after
64 yrs of independence there are no roads/shops/schools/basic
facilities, leave aside these there are villages where people donot
wear clothes and still reside on mountain tops.

4. Now in such scenario what matters is who is the first one to go
and tap these human resources, definitely people and countries with
economic interest with the aim of destabilizing a developing nation
and corrupt its youth potential advantage have outscored our able
leaders and society.

5. In cities lack of jobs and ever visible degrading society culture,
police atrocities( jesica lal murder by a brat son of a politician,
ruchika’s molestation by a police DGP, Army land scam, Madhu koda
scam, Convicted for murder people like Shibhu soren reelected as CM
etc…) all these incidents creates stress in the jobless young
countrymen and installs sense of hatred, disillusionment and revenge
against the haves thus making them soft targets for exploitation.

6. The idea is to approach them before anti nationals do so. This can
be done very effectively by education, creating opportunities,
transparency and willingness in administrators to implement policies
fairly and without corruption, which I find is slowly being achieved
and implemented. Our society is evolving towards it, people have
started questioning politics, Scams are being busted and people being
arrested. The very fact we are discussing these issues shows the
willingness of present society which feels responsible and has the
potential to bring change.

7. What can be done at IIT level?
(a) The students taking up NCC should imbibe the spirit of
Discipline, Sacrifice, Service before Self, Team Spirit and
brotherhood rather than just taking up and completing the 2 years
since it is compulsory. A lot of responsibility lies on NCC group
imparting this education to students in true sense. Definitely a
student who imbibes the true message will turn out to be a better
student and in long run a better national.
(b) With NSS we should imbibe the message that we owe more to society
than we actually demand from it. NSS activities are mostly (not all
and not everywhere) focused to complete the 7 day routine camp without
the students learning or the village where camp is held having any
benefit. It is not an NSS activity to clean a village, NSS focuses on
teaching villagers how to remain clean. Students should be trained on
activities and those should be given as projects to implement in
nearby areas, where they interact with villagers and teach them how
to do so and then should be accordingly jugged. Activities could
range from how to keep village clean, how to manage
poultry/fishery/piggery, medical camps, building roads, bridges etc.
They basic idea is to win the hearts and minds of not haves by
interacting with them , participating with them and taking them along
rather than just spoon feed them so they are left lost once you leave.
Better still if we can adopt a village and develop it step by step.

8. Lastly sir, as SRK says it in his new movie MNIK there will always
be two types of people in this world GOOD and Bad. We all can strive
to be former irrespective of what and how many latters are.


Google Buzz

every single man makes the difference...

its no like that army is not the one and only solution...every man is part of th solution and some role

Maoist belief stems from years of deprivation, starvation and primeval living conditions of the tribals....and the guerilla warriors are mostly demented souls who have been coaxed into believing that the world is to be won by force and warfare..u cannot uproot this menace by guns and bullets...the world needs more love, more care...if we cared more for the man next to us..learnt to show mercy, to learn forgiveness...if we all changed on the inside...if we could all extend our hands to those who have been deprived..probably sumday things will change..this needs concerted effort NOT a Burst of public outcry and then silence .....U DONT NEED TO BE IN THE ARMY TO BRING CHANGE, YOU NEED TO BE THE CHANGE WHEREVER YOU ARE...Feb 17

well said ..... bt the govt have already been unsuccessful playing with soft hands with them(i mean love and affection) them to leave in the mainstream of society bt they hardly care...should we not think something different(which i cant think) to stop this our society?

plz explain how do u plan to stop a person who's planning to blow u up by showing him affection or love. these terrorists(broad category which includes all kinds of ppl who believe in killing innocents) shud b dealt wid only force-n that's the only sure shot way. the govt knows everything there is to knw abt them, all that remains is to wipe off all those nutters, but sadly no body around has the balls to do this

of course killing in self defence is not a choice, it is a necessity...but i'm saying doing only that by strengthening defence is not sufficient...its important to bring a change in the way the world runs ..."its a dog eat dog world"....THAT SHUD STOP! when ppl in authority sit to discuss an issue, its always things like race, caste, politics and god knows wat that comes into picture and thats the end of civilised discussion! ppl living away from the seats of power HAVE NO TRUST in the government..they view them as an enemy..i'm saying we have to get proactive in development activities in those places! make them see that they are part of our world too! by love i meant this....lets try to bridge the divide btwn the haves and the havenots.....thats where EVERY act of violence has its core!

problem actually doesnt lies in either hatred or it even cant be solved by path of love..............politically and practicallly speaking if we see the fighters who used to fight for either maosist or army organisation they are just doing their job in their respective areas.......and by some specific class of ppl they are continuously used.............unless and untill the exact relation at the top levels are not toatally exposed we cant find a solution.............i agree to the fact that love and all can make a difference.....but let me ask love can be a solution when the war in current scenario is only getting fuel of hatred........and i strongly beleive it's not like that..........politicians are using them now for their own benifits..........which are chosen by their is no point in making the discussion 'INTRODUCING THE CONCEPT OF LOVE' ..............if it would have been an era of gandhi and nehru then i would have definately accepted it as a best way to deal with issue....because in those days these 'andolans' just came as a result of 'jamindari pratha' and all 'lokvirodhi kanoon'......and some group of ppl took the way of arms to deal with it............but now indirectly each and every common man sho goes to elect such leaders are responssible............change then ............or BECOME A CHANGE............then only u can improve12:38 pm

baap re.. KUCH hi fi bhaat going on.. :D hmm.. on the serious note.. awesome views yaar.. :)

TO ADD TO ABOVE VIEWS..yesterday (Feb 18, 2009) maoist attacked in bihar(jamui)..killing innocent people out of add to it jst the day before nitish kumar..chief minister of bihar said the arms is not the solution to the above problem...and then u see the result..i think we should go for the other way and end this problem long can gov jst hold a meeting and do then do nothing for this virus killing our country.....they have to take a serious action now ...and we common people have 2 play a very serious role in it.



As was my first reaction, condemn and forget, so was the reaction of over 1 billion Indians, because thats all we do. But as soon as I came to know about the sad demise of Ankik Da, the anger, the frustration, the dissatisfaction, the grief reached an altogether different level……We dont raise a voice if the victim is unknown, and we stop raising voice in a month or two even if he is known.

There was 1 terror attack in the US and the terrorists have forgotten the path to US. We have been facing worse attacks than the 9/11 year after year after year and yet all we do is hope it wont happen again. We are pessimists who expect the government to fight for us while the truth is we cannot stand for ourselves or our neighbour, or friend or for anyone except for ourselves. We are hypocrites talking about peace and harmony. We are not peace loving, but a scared bunch of people who mask their fears by preaching about love and peace. Busy with our own comfortable life, we dont look around, we don't notice that we are next in line.

The question remains, why cant we bring about a change. Is it because the system is irreparable or because we are too lazy to make amends in it. I won't ask everyone to come forward, unite and take responsibilty to change the way things are around here coz this is the same country that has forgotten Gandhi's death, so these 9 deaths don't even stand in the line. But I am still writing all this since I believe, that some people think and act, coz i believe that even if one mind accepts this and wishes to change the way things are, the destiny will itself show the course. ….If the path is beautiful,first confirm where it leads, but if the destination is beautiful, dont bother how the path is..just keep walking...and this destination, my friends is much better than the timidness we have mistaken for reality.


Scrap to Ankit’s Orkut Space

We all the nw genaration people should be arise and protest against this terroist.So all guys of ankik,anindyee & shilpa should plzzzzzz take those responsibility.Otherwise we will lost another brilient,talented student or a person like ANKIK,ANINDYEE & SHILPA...So everybody wake up ...the tme starts now...

ur community says 'God is always there with me'..actually He wanted u to be with Him forever...may ur soul rest in peace wherever u r...its really high time that gov shld wake up nd do smthing effective...

No word of condolence is enough in these situations. But we surely can show our anger and keep the flame burning in us in order to annihilate each and every m****rf***ing terrorist from our land....... We will never forget u ankik(and ur sis and friend) cause if we forget u we'll lose the vision of making India a safe and secure country as well......

Sorry is too small a word........ but i guess d entire nation shud apologise to u n ur family for tolerating terror 4 soo long n paying 4 it wid innocent lives..... i dint kno u but it aches my heart n several others who blive in oneself ,peace n harmony...May God Almighty giv ur family d much needed strength n perseverence to cope wid dis irreplaceable loss...

Of course you don't die.
Nobody dies.
Death doesn't exist.
You only reach a new level of vision,
a new realm of consciousness,
a new unknown world.May ur soul rest in peace n god bless ur family n may strngthn deir mndz......


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