Monday, March 15, 2010


And they run an NGO that holds education programmes for poor children in villages. If this is what they do in mid-air, I wonder what they do on ground! People should be careful about NGOs. The good ones like Ramakrishna Mission, Bharat Sebashram Sangha etc. are few. The rest are in money making business. This is because a big vaccum is created by non-functioning of Govt. youth wings like NSS (National Service Scheme), NCC (National Cadet Corps) etc. Let us make them active. Let us not give space to vested interests and NGOs like these. The TOI news as published today follows.

Mid-air tiff with airhostess,6 held


Kolkata: Six Bangalore-bound passengers from Patna were offloaded from an IndiGo flight on Monday and arrested for misbehaving with an airhostess.The accused filed a counter complaint,saying the airhostess had behaved rudely with them simply because they asked why she could not give one of them a cup of hot water for his medicine.
Police,however,arrested all six Ali Ahmed,Salman Khan,Masez Pasha,Amjad Khan,Hidayatullah and A K Singh.They run an NGO in Bangalore that holds education programmes for poor children in villages.
What happened in the aircraft is a mystery.According to the IndiGo complaint,the six rang the on-board alarm to call the airhostess.When she asked what they needed,one allegedly said: We need you.
The airhostess complained to the flight commander,who informed Kolkata ATC that he needed security landing.CISF officials detained the fliers and handed them to police.
The accused deny misbehaving.Ali Ahmed suffers from a painful stomach ulcer and needed to take medicine but the airhostess took time getting the water,said Singh.When we protested,she behaved rudely and framed false allegations, said Singh,the director of a Bangalore-based newswire on the IT industry.


Prashb said...

You pointed out very useful stuff about NGOs . There have been similar reports of even famous ones like Asha and AID , helping the Naxal and Maoist movements .

( studied in your Digital EC Class 2004 )

Blog Barfer said...

how can you take a stand without seeing the the other side of the coin