Sunday, April 4, 2010


I found this in today's TOI. A definitive statement that "Ell is (not) well". Somewhere we have succumbed to a very costly trade-off. The report says,

"Dr A K Mahapatra,head of the department of neurosurgery,AIIMS,said: At AIIMS,we get 250-300 stroke cases every month.Of them,70-75 are young people including school and college-going students.The rising incidence of smoking and drinking,which leads to thickening of blood vessel walls and disrupts cholesterol and sugar levels in the body,among students is one reason for this. Mahapatra said in Delhi schools,up to 20% students smoke and drink."

The report continues.

"Dr Anup Kohli,consultant neurologist,Apollo Hospital,said Indians are genetically predisposed to stroke. Most of us have family histories of diabetes,high cholesterol and heart problems.The imitation of a western lifestyle by eating more junk food,drinking and doing recreational drugs by youngsters has put them at increased risk of developing heart and brain-related problems,including strokes,at an early stage, he said."

Suggested measure.

"Kohli said a balanced lifestyle,more exercise and awareness about lifestyle diseases were required to check this.And the excessive use of contraceptive pills by young girls increased the risk of a stroke,the doctor said."

Anything missing? While the above is curative in nature, what can we do to prevent it? What is missing in education system? The young students love to idolize. The parents, teachers, seniors used great care to lead an ideal life themselves and guide youngsters accordingly. The instant gratification mode in which everybody, seniors juniors alike are trying to operate these days are leaving a gaping hole in the society. While this report is about health, one must have noticed that juvenile crime is rising alarmingly that includes kidnapping, arson, looting, rape even by class VIII-IX students. The earlier we take note of that, the better for the society and including we as an individual. Let us act, now and here. Let us not think it will not happen to me or my family. The passive goodness will not do. The good in the society need to unite and actively engage themselves in rebuilding INDIA.

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