Thursday, April 22, 2010


It is said that death is the ultimate reality and a great equalizer. It seems that we at the other side of it are judgemental even on this count. Or shall I assume that we are ignorant of the hard facts? This is a page 10 news in TOI's today's edition. It quotes report of transport research wing of highway ministry of India.

in 2008, the country witnessed 4.85 lakh road accidents, in which 1.2 lakh people lost their lives. And more than half of the road accident victims are in the age group of 25 and 65, the ‘key wage earning and child raising age group’.

That amounts to one accident every minute and one death from road accident every 4.5 minutes. TOI gets this from the ministry officials.

“The deaths are on rise despite the ministry spending more on road safety in the last six years. We are not analysing the actual reasons behind road accidents. Had technical people with road safety expertise been in charge of the affairs, the situation would not have slipped to this alarming level,” said a senior ministry official.

This post is to draw attention of young India what our country needs. It could be awareness drive. It could be technology based solution. It may require India specific technology. Certain problems exists in countries like India and research lab.s of developed nation may not have a clue of it or how long shall we depend on them to solve our very own problems?

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