Saturday, January 15, 2011


These days my eight years old daughter keep surprising me with startling expression and analysis. I often listen to her with a sense of dis-belief! Only a few days back I had to explain her almost everything, hundreds of those questions. How quickly a child grows and imperceptibly, while being in front of your eyes all the time!

Yesterday afternoon I saw another child surprising me standing up to many, many year seniors. It was the start of the afternoon session on Machine Intelligence & Pattern Recognition of IEEE TechSym 2011, a student symposium at IIT Kharagpur. As a session chair I also had the responsibility of introducing keynote speaker Dr. Ravi Kothari of IBM Research. I was having a talk with him in the sideline when Technical Program Committee Chair started introducing me to the participants. The standard stuffs - I did this and that in professional field and there I heard newest bullet in my resume 'active blogger'.

Frankly speaking, I was ready up to 'NSS Coordinator' as a lot of my colleagues, senior people in admin., students, guardians, alumni interact with me on that identity. A total of 14 officers, 900 student volunteers, many different activities round the year, not that unusual to be known by that.
(The recent updates from NSS IIT Kharagpur are here.
On 19th Jan. we are having concluding function of National Youth Week at Kalidas Auditorium where inter village school (13 of them) competition drawings will be displayed, prizes will be handed over to invited school teachers. Also there will be panel discussion, Address by dignitaries and cultural program by NSS volunteers.)

But the identity as an 'active blogger' and in a situation like that was a pack full of bewilderment. True that occasionally I get mail, comments on posts but that is too infrequent. It appears that there are silent readers, at least I did not expect TPC Chair of TechSym to have taken note of this space.

Thank you readers. Comments or no comments - it is great to feel that we strike a common chord somewhere.

Visited NIT Rourkella for the first time on 8-9th Jan., 2011 at Samit's call. Samit, my 2nd Ph.D. student is a faculty member there. Beautifully organized conference, in all aspect. Loved it. On 6th Jan., visited another conference at IEM, Kolkata and met many old pals. It was walking down the memory lane. A lot of people have moved. There was no dearth of love and affection from those who was still there. Prepared PhD Admission Test Q. Paper for some place the previous week but politely declined to visit that place as it was becoming too hectic. Expecting a Delhi visit for one project or the other soon. Vodafone project's quarterly review report was submitted yesterday. Finalizing the manuscript of a book chapter (edited volume on speech processing) with Sandipan, my first Ph.D. student who is the main author. Yesterday evening, organizer of a Tech Fest requested display of one of our prized (literally) innovation "Heart Sound Analyzer". In India Telecom Exhibition at Pragati Maidan, Delhi we displayed it in Dec., 2008. This time (Dec., 2010) there our speech group displayed "Automatic Speaker Recognition" working prototype. Patent filing of "Lung Sound Analyzer" is to be completed within 2 weeks. Got a letter from the publisher that they are contemplating on converting the published titles to ebook. In 2010, two books returned almost similar volume of 2009, about 40,000. Waiting for a call from the US parent on US edition. The bulk of the work is already done. Reviews of this new edition from US university Prof.s are very good. The remaining work is simple but tedious and time consuming. Need to devote a large percentage of time when that call comes. That is the update as of now. Yes, the new batch of 2nd year students in theory class appear to be serious. Enjoying the interaction. Need more time to develop an opinion about Lab. & Seminar classes.

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