Sunday, February 2, 2014


Wiki author considers the movie 'Evan Almighty' (Link) an American religious comedy film. Building of an Ark was at the centre of the film for which people in general, failed to see any justification. Came a flood along a fault line built on human greed. The Ark was the savior. The movie ends explaining us another meaning of ARK - Act of Random Kindness.

Felt so good to read this in today's newspaper. Two tribal brothers, Anil Shabar and Ashok Shabar donate 10 cottah of land for building a school in their village (in district Bankura, about 125 KM from IIT Kharagpur campus). They themselves are daily wage earner. Why did they then do it? They say that their entire life went in abject poverty but they want to see their next generation doing better getting proper education. The BDO was surprised and he said that there was difficulty in getting land there for building school as it came under forest area. For this donation, a school and a training centre will be built.

The Shabar brothers consider themselves uneducated! And we look for ARK like this!!

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