Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Got a phone call this morning from one of the driver of the travel agency who often obliges by his service. He asked about my availability to come to our quarter in the campus. He will be coming with his wife to invite our family for his brother-in-law's marriage reception. We had a tussle. Each of us were asking what would be convenient time for other. I was concerned that he makes a living out of his job where he has less control over situation. Finally, we settled for 8:30 PM. I'll be back from office today half-an-hour early!!

Feel overwhelmed. The travel agency drivers do tell me that they have a friendly fight among themselves on who will be at driver's wheel when I book a car. Also heard that their family members often tease each other on this - that the other person did not get the chance. May be the drivers find a good listener in me to share their life's happiness and sorrows and like the way I try to encourage them.

Yesterday, in the local fish-market, the didi who often sells fish to us was trying to draw my attention to the weighing balance before calculating the payout, as I was occupied with something else. I requested her to go ahead without worrying and told that it is she who would feel bad if I get less than what I deserve. Truly so. Didi appreciated that and was in all smile.

Few weeks back I was giving my evaluation report to a young faculty where he has asked for project funding. I said that it goes beyond the project, it is investment in a person. Didn't we hear from Vivekananda, "Men, men, these are wanted. Everything else will be ready." Investment in people and getting the best out of them in every strata of life, by acknowledging their effort, by making them feel responsible that they are important part of the society, contribute to its well-being and there is no room for feeling alienated - are perhaps what takes us to inclusive growth built upon share and care.

Yesterday evening we had a small triumph! The small team with whom I work in a new admin. responsibility since mid Oct., 2013 has reached an important milestone. We reached 'zero pending' situation yesterday. It was about 8 PM. Together, we went to the official's place where our files land-up and created hallah :-) there that the official should give us treat! He enjoyed that and told that he too is a part of the team. The greatest part in this journey had been the fact that it was fun all the way, we always enjoyed each others' company and never let work pressure get the better of us.

Thank you all in-office and outside-office at IIT Kharagpur for your kind gestures. For you the life is so much enjoyable here. Truly, feel overwhelmed!

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