Monday, April 28, 2014

Dhiman Sir

Yesterday evening there was an address by Dr. Srikumar Banerjee, Chairman, Board of Governors, IIT Kharagpur. He recollected his IITKGP days, strength of IITKGP and how we can leverage upon our unique attributes. He also explained how some of our perceived weaknesses can be converted to strength with right positioning. Our semi-rural background is considered as weakness. Getting a job for spouse is perhaps easier in a metro. The other perceived weakness is coaching of kids. Dr. Banerjee reminded the faculty that a teacher is not himself/herself, because a teacher touches lives of hundreds, thousands students and thus attitude of a teacher is very important.

While I was listening to Dr. Banerjee and taking down notes for the student in me, there was a quick replay in mind of what happened in the morning -my daughter of Class VII coming out of school crying, many other students also crying.... Took daughter to hospital but by that time the carriage has moved away. At home she told her mother that her dream of becoming an 'art teacher' has been shattered. No other teacher can be the substitute. He was so loving - never scolded, always encouraged and inspired students.

In a massive heart attack in the school premises itself, everybody's beloved Dhiman Sir passed away yesterday morning in his forties. A big shock for all of us. May his soul rest in peace and his family and students who were so close to him, get the strength to overcome this. Hope that as a faculty I can live up to the expectation of our Chairman; closer home, Dhiman Sir had been an example of that. May we be able to serve our students as nicely as he used to be.

His facebook page is this (Link). The latest post there from his daughter says following.
what to say and what to write i dont i had lost almost everything...ok ok let me introduce myself I am Pritha Paul daughter of Late Dhiman Paul..I know that this "Late" word is inappropriate to use before this dad was everything for me... OK NOW THIS IS TO INFORM ALL HIS STUDENTS THAT THE ART EXAMINATION WHICH WAS DECLARED TO BE HELD ON 1st May 2014 WILL BE HELD ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY ONLY...HE NEVER EVER PAUSED IN COMPLETING HIS WORK..SO WE ALL SHOULD THINK LIKE HIM..BECAUSE WE ALL LOVE HIM VERY MUCH..AND THIS WAS HIS LAST WISH TO COMLETE ALL HIS INCOMPLETE TASK...THEREFORE I REQUEST ALL THE STUDENTS OF KHARAGPUR ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS TO COME AND APPEAR FOR THIS ART EXAM ON 1ST MAY 2014.. Thanking u ( Pritha Paul)
Presented below are pictures that my daughter used to draw in 2011-12 session followed by the transformation brought by Dhiman Sir in 2013-2014. Coloured pictures can be shared in some other occasions.

2011-2012 series:

2013-2014 series:

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