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ISWT Course on Neuroscience

Registration for the International Summer Term course "Methods and Techniques of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience" has started. The course will be conducted at Dept. of Electronics & ECE of IIT Kharagpur campus, during July 02 - 12, 2014 with a Sunday break in between. The course brochure can be downloaded from here (Link).

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the course, a student will be able to demonstrate an understanding of: (a) neurophysiological basis of various techniques (correlational and causal) to measure brain activity patterns; (b) state-of-the art data analysis methods  for complex brain responses (single unit, EEG/MEG and fMRI); (c) pros and cons and appropriateness of each method and the relationships between different methods. 

International Faculty:
The principal faculty, Dr. Joydeep Bhattacharya, Professor, Goldsmiths, University of London is well-known name in this field for his long list of contribution (Link). We at IITKGP worked together with him on quite a few neurosignal processing problems, the research output of which were published in high impact factor journals (Link1, Link2, Link3). Dr. Caroline Di Bernardi Luft, a Senior Research Fellow working at Goldsmiths, University of London will assist with her extensive knowledge of EEG, fMRI and MATLAB programming for neuro data analysis. 

National Faculty:
Among national faculty, we have Dr. Abhijit Das, MD, DM, the Director of Neurorehabilitation and a Consultant Neurologist at Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata, India (Link).  His expertize includes Cognitive Neurorehabilitation, Cortical Plasticity, Non Invasive Brain Stimulation (TMS/tDCS), Neuroimaging etc. We at IITKGP got acquainted with him through a collaborative research initiative (Link). My departmental colleague, Prof. Sudipta Mukhopadhyaya (Link) and yours truly too will pitch in time to time and supplement!!!

No. of seats and Course Fee:
No. of participants to this course is capped at fifty. We intend to reserve ten seats for participants from Industry and R & D organizations. Initial application fee is Rs. 500 only. Upon confirmation, one has to pay the following course fee.

Course CodeCourse NameCourse Fee: Participants fromFor Students
Industries &
R & D organisations
IST 0118Methods & Techniques in Cognitive and Clinical NeuroscienceRs, 20,000Rs. 15,000Rs. 15,000

Course Fee waiver for faculty / students:
There is a grant available with us which will allow us to reimburse full course fee on successful completion of the course to most of the participating faculty of recognized institutes of India. Students from Indian institutions, interested in this area are also eligible for fee waiver. We are asking to pay up initially, to avoid cases where one blocks the seat and then does not turn up, wasting the opportunity for another and if one is casual in his / her approach in completing the course. There will be exam. to clear at the end of the course. IIT Kharagpur students will be able to earn two credits from this course. 

How to Register:

Please follow the guideline available at following webpage of IIT Kharagpur:
Last date of application is June 02, 2014.

Priority Rule:
Since there are limited no. of seats and the course is virtually free for most of the participants from academic institutions, Course Coordinator reserves the right to give priority to faculty, then research and pstgraduate students and finally UG students working / intend to work in this area. We shall try to confirm as early as possible whether one gets selected. We are trying hard to arrange full reimbursement of course fee to all participants from recognized academic institutions of India. If it is not possible to waive fee for all, the priority rule will follow first-come-first-served policy among selected, confirmed candidates who complete the registration process and successfully complete the course. 

Travel Booking and Confirmation Schedule:

We would like to confirm candidature of 1st set of applicants of this course by 30th April so that there is enough time to get reservation done for outstation candidates. Train reservation now starts 2 months ahead. Those who apply before 30th April, will get the confirmation on 30th April from the pool applied till then. After that, we shall release list every 10 days till last day.

Accommodation & Food:

While we are trying to arrange reimbursement of course fee for most the candidates from academic institutions, the accommodation, food etc. are chargeable. Accommodation will be provided from whatever is available at campus at that time. We shall try to provide relatively inexpensive accommodation for student participants.

Other information:

It is expected to be monsoon time here in the first fortnight of July. Last year, during the course period, temperature varied between 25 and 35 degree centigrade. For any query of this course, please email me at or

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