Thursday, September 30, 2010


National Service Scheme now is on IIT Kharagpur front page in 'Happenings' section. Nice to see that. Special thanks to Dr. SP and NSS web team of volunteers working under him.

We shall refresh the NSS site regularly with our updates. The NSS Day pictures and videos are currently avaialble at

We gratefully acknowledge the help and encouragement we receive from everyone in IITkgp, Govt. officials and local people.

Received a mail this evening from a senior IITkgp faculty member who is Vice Chancellor of an university, encouraging NSS, IIT Kharagpur activities. Another IITkgp faculty member who too is a Vice Chancellor in another university asked us to visit his place and discuss NSS activities (not existing now) there with the students. A few IITkgp alumni too have indirectly approached through some senior students to contribute to NSS cause.

NSS with 20 lakhs nation-wide volunteers is a force with immense potential. IITkgp led from the front in the area of higher education in independent India. It will be great to see it in the forefront of NSS activities too where youth directly participate in rebuilding India, reaching out to the poor and underprivileged.

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