Sunday, September 12, 2010

Teacher's Day

Last week attended three Teacher's Day function and got connected to the fourth in an indirect way for some awkward reason.

The first one attended was on 5th Sept. itself which was Sunday this year. Students of two local schools (Atulmani and Silver Jubilee) assembled at a hall in Golebazar, Durgamandir. The Headmaster of Atulmani school presided. The Principal of Ramakrishna Mission School at Midnapore Town, Swami Sunishthanandaji was the main speaker. The theme of this morning three hour assembly was "Towards Life Building". There were few guardians too. I spoke a little about what can be called success and how important it is to enjoy what one is doing, the importance of good health, sports and games and also participated in Q & A sessions.

The second one was on 6th Sept. evening, organized by MTech. students of Telecommunication specialization of our Dept. I was touched by the way students organized the function and made teachers feel special. It was not something arranged just for the sake of it. Teachers shared experiences of their students life. When my turn came I preferred to speak on our role in nation building process, that united we are a great force, IITKGP is the first of the IITs starting from a place where freedom fighters were detained, can be the first to show how brand IIT can be used for community service etc. and the discussion continued even after the function was formally over.

The third one was held on 7th Sept. at Kalidas Auditorium. This was arranged by students of Advanced VLSI Lab. and it was a cultural extravaganza. The play (a comedy) was superb, particularly one character, Gourhari the poet looked fully immersed and there was no visible effort from him to act, all came so natural. IITians are truly multi-faceted and are full of talent. Incidentally, a group NSS volunteers belonging to NSS cultural team staged a street-play on 4t Sept. in a nearby village on atrocities against woman. Congrats to you all - for you the world is so very beautiful!

Now the fourth one! I wish I could avoid this but wish to speak as greatness is all about direction no matter what the current state is. On 8th Sept., one senior Prof. asked me to help drafting something (so that it does not appear harsh) which will be shared with all teachers (very very few attended the function) and students. The quality of the 5th Sept., 'official' Tecaher's Day program organized by Rxxx/Gxxx (?) at Netaji Auditorium perhaps has scope for improvement. I do not know for sure as the students were selective in invitation, may be found it difficult to reach all faculty members, we are too many now :-) or there could be simply communication gap. I could attend 'this' function a few years back and found it would be more apt to call it a "Student Day" function. However, I respect the organizing committee's wish and freedom as much as I respect mine and they are entitled to hold it in the way they like and pay their 'tribute' to teachers.

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